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We are excited to bring artists, working in various media, into the jewelry store to make exhibitions for our customers. On this page we are giving you a glimpse of the work we are doing to display the work of artists for our customers to view and consider purchasing.

Exhibitions at Stanley Brown Jewelist started December 10, 2017 with a group show involving paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, prints, designed objects, installations, and time based work from over 50 artists. The work on display included multiples and editions from Autumn Space and MPSTN, two galleries connected to Stanley Brown Jewelist by Seth Hunter (co-director of Autumn Space 2010-2013, and director of MPSTN 2014-Present).

In January 2018 we started quarterly exhibitions using wall space and two display cases. We emphasize making quality exhibitions with an inclination toward conceptual art and craftsmanship while showing work that is accessible to a general audience.

Below are examples of work from past exhibitions:

Laura Wetter (2017)

Shauna Hunter (2018)

Multiples courtesy of Autumn Space and MPSTN: Kyle Schlie, Bradley Carter, Josh Dihle (2017)

Nikolas Burkhart (2018)

Installation by Kirk and Cullen Faber (2017)

Detail of installation by Kirk and Cullen Faber (2017)

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